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Business Policies and Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

(Information on this page does NOT apply to ANTI-STATIC PRODUCTS.  
For Anti-Static Products payment and shipping terms please click here.)

All prices are shown in U.S. Dollars. All prices are FOB origin warehouse (ex-works). Transportation charges to the buyer's location are NOT included. Please read below the sections on Payment Terms and Shipping Rates to learn more about shipping costs.

Prices are usually based on a particular minimum quantity order. For example: "20+" means that at least 20 pieces of the item must be purchased to qualify for that price, or "Take-all" meaning that the entire lot must be purchased. Some items can be purchased in smaller quantities than what is shown (usually for a higher price), but some lots cannot be broken into smaller quantities. This will depend on the particular item in question. Please contact us to inquire if smaller quantities of a particular item can be purchased.

We require payment either by Wire Transfer in advance of shipment or Letter of Credit (L.C.). L.C.'s are usually only  practical for international orders of $10,000 or more. L.C. terms are listed below.

We do not accept credit cards. For some orders within U.S.A. (up to about $2,000 maximum) we can accept credit card payment via Paypal (

Payment must include the cost of shipping and insurance. This will be the "CIF" price (cost, insurance and freight). In order to know the total CIF price, we will need to calculate the cost of shipping and insurance based on your exact order. You must provide us with specific information about the shipping destination and which items you are planning to order before we can quote the CIF price. Please see the section below about shipping rates for more information on how to find out the CIF price.


  1. The L.C. must be Confirmed and Irrevocable.
  2. Payable "at sight" in USA at the counters of a major USA bank upon presentation of documents.
  3. The currency of payment must be in U.S. Dollars.
  4. The L.C. must be in English language.
  5. All banking charges must be for applicant's account.
  6. Transshipment must be allowed.
  7. Partial shipments must be allowed.
  8. Beneficiary name: PC Wholesalers
  9. Shipment from: ANY U.S.A. PORT
  10. Please allow at least 30 days for shipment, and 30 days after shipment for document negotiation.
  11. The L.C. must be prepared subject to the Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits. 


All of our shipments are packed very carefully to ensure that they will arrive at your door undamaged. We have many years of experience in shipping both small and large orders so you can be assured that your purchases will arrive safely.

Laptops are packed with protective bubble wrap or foam, usually 5 to 10 pieces per carton. Occasionally, we also offer laptops which are individually boxed.


  • Packing is usually done on 42x48" Pallets.
  • Desktop PC's: 50 to 90 pieces per pallet.
  • 14/15" Monitors: 45 pieces per pallet.
  • 17" Monitors: 24 to 30 pieces per pallet.

    Export container dimensions and capacities are shown below.
Container Size Inside Length Inside Width Inside Height Door Opening Width Door Opening Height
20 ft. Std. 19' 5.75" =
5935 mm
7' 8" =
2335 mm
7' 9.75" =
2383 mm
7' 8" =
2335 mm
7' 6.25" =
2292 mm
40 ft. Std. 39' 5.25"=
12022 mm
7' 5.625" =
2352 mm
7' 10.25" =
2395 mm
7' 8.25" =
2343 mm
7' 5.75" =
2280 mm
40 ft. High Cube 39' 3.25"=
12022 mm
7' 8.5" =
2352 mm
8' 10.25" =
2700 mm
7' 5.75" =
2340 mm
8' 5.75" =
2585 mm
Container Size PC's Only PC's plus 14/15" Monitors PC's plus 17" Monitors 14/15" Monitors Only 17" Monitors Only
20 ft. Std.
(10 pallets)
+/-500 +/-250 sets 168-210 sets 450 240-300
40 ft. Std/HC
(20 pallets)
+/-1000 +/-500 sets 312-420 sets 900 480-600


We have long-established relationships with trusted shipping companies and have access to very favorable rates due to our large volume of shipments. We usually send shipments on a "Freight Prepaid" basis. This will assure that you will receive a fixed shipping rate in advance which cannot change. When orders are paid by LC, we will use our own freight forwarders. For pre-paid orders, you may use our forwarders or your own.

LAPTOPS AND OTHER SMALL ITEMS: These are usually shipped by UPS, FedEx, or Air Cargo service. Normal transit times are from 1 to 6 working days depending on the destination and method.

DESKTOP PC's AND OTHER LARGE ITEMS: These are shipped on pallets via Motor Freight (Truck lines). Transit times are from 1 to 7 working days depending on the distance from the origin warehouse to your destination.

These are usually shipped by Air Cargo service. Normal transit times are from 2 to 7 days depending on the destination country. Most Laptops weigh approximately 9 pounds each with the packing material (boxes, etc) factored in.

DESKTOP PC's AND OTHER LARGE ITEMS: These are shipped in containers by Ocean. The normal container sizes are 20 foot standard, 40 foot standard, and 40 foot "high cube". Container dimensions and capacities are shown in the tables above. It is most economical to ship product in full container loads whenever possible. Ocean shipping transit times are usually from 2 to 5 weeks depending on the destination.


Please give your city, state and zip code and the quantity and type of items which you are interested in, so that we can determine the best method of shipping and the lowest rates.

When contacting us for shipping rates, please provide the following information
, so that we can determine the best method of shipping and the lowest rates:

  • The destination city and country (include postal code if applicable).
  • The nearest shipping port (for Ocean) -or-
  • The nearest international airport (for Air cargo).
  • The quantity and type of items which you are interested in.

Air cargo shipments can be quoted as "door-to-airport" or "door-to-door" (door-to-door may not be available for some locations).

Ocean shipping is usually quoted as "door-to-port" which means that the price includes all transportation and documentation charges from our warehouse to the container holding yard at the destination port.

Insurance is usually not included in the rate given for ocean shipments, since the
amount depends on the actual value of the goods, so it must be quoted separately.

Please note that customs duties, excise taxes, clearing fees, excess storage charges and local transportation in the destination country are NOT included in the shipping rate. Where applicable, those charges will be payable by you in your country. We are not able to provide information about these items as they vary from country to country. We also cannot provide information about import licenses (if any) required by your country. We advise you to investigate these matters with your local customs clearing agents and the local governing body which regulates international commerce in your country.


We provide a "non-DOA" warranty for most of our used products. DOA means "defective-on-arrival" or "dead-on-arrival".

This means that you will be given a reasonable amount of time, after you have received the goods, to inspect them and to notify us of any shortages or defects. The time allowed will be dependent on the quantity and type of product in question. For example: if you have purchased 10 or 20 Laptops, then 5 days after receipt would be a reasonable time to inspect them and to notify us of problems. If the order is larger then the DOA warranty time is 15 days after receipt.

Used Laptops are guaranteed to be at least 95% working. Usually, used laptops do not have any warranty on the battery since this is considered to be a consumable item. In some instances, we also offer laptops which come with 100% tested batteries. In that case, we will mention this fact in our description and these units will have the 95% working guarantee extended to the batteries also. Any defects over the 5% allowance must be reported to us within the warranty period. You must provide a list of serial numbers, and details about the problem for all defective products.

Used Desktops and Monitors are guaranteed to be at least 90% working. The procedure for reporting defects is the same as with Laptops. 

Foreign customers do not have to complete the RMA form. Domestic USA customers must complete the RMA form and fax it to us before product can be returned.

Please note that certain products which are of recent vintage may also be covered by remaining manufacturers' warranties. For example many brands of computers come with a 1-year or 3-year manufacturer's warranty, so if they are within that age, they will still be covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

Products which are sold "AS-IS" or as "Grade B", etc. usually do not have any warranty.

New and Factory-refurbished
products will usually have a manufacturer's warranty, or a time-specific warranty from us. We will provide you with warranty details for those products upon request.


Information on this page is provided as a general guideline of our policies only.
Please contact us for specific information relating to any possible transaction which you are contemplating. Information contained in other communications, advertisements, offers or contracts may take precedence over these published policies and terms.

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