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Anti-Static Bags and Labels

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Anti Static Bags and Labels.

Silver Anti Static Bags, Mailers

"Silver" Static Shielding Bag Price List
  • Flat 3 mil bags with and without imprint
  • Flat 3 mil ZIPPER bags with and without imprint

    Also commonly used as "metallic envelopes"
     or mailers

Pink, Blue, Poly Bags

Pink/Blue Poly Static Bag Price List
  • Flat Poly Bags 4 mil Pink
  • Flat Poly Bags 6 mil Pink
  • Flat Humidity-Independent Poly Bags 6 mil Blue


Pink Poly Anti Static Zipper Bags

Poly bags with Zipper price list
  • Anti-Static Poly Zipper Bags
  • Anti-Static Humidity Independent Zipper Bags


Bubble Anti Static Bags

Bubble Static Bags price list
  • Anti-Static Bubble Wrap Bags
  • Anti-Static Cushionshield Bubble Bags


How to Order AntiStatic Bags and Labels.
Orders for Anti Static bags and labels must be prepaid before they can be shipped. The most convenient way to order is by making a credit-card payment using "PayPal". If you are not familiar with PayPal, you can visit their website here:

PayPal processes credit card payments for us. It only takes a few minutes to set up an account with them, if you don't have one already. Then you can click on "send money" on the Paypal website and make the payment to our account. There is no extra charge to you for using this service. We can usually ship the same day if we receive payment by about 2 PM Pacific Time.

IMPORTANT! Please contact us first here to get shipping charges and total payment amount before making your payment. California residents must also add sales tax. 
Even though we have most items always in stock, it will be a good idea to call or e-mail us to confirm current availability. Please specify what exactly you are ordering using the item numbers and description and the quantity required, as well as your full address for shipping including zip code.